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To demonstrate the power have animal have and convey in ads. Promote and inspire the use of pet influencers, feature or as part of 360 campaigns. Advocate for satos in the media and generate work for the domestic animals in Puerto Rico.


To built a strong family of talented pet in the Island, while supporting social causes and educating about animal welfare. Use of domesticated animal in editorials, billboards, social media campaigns, digital ads while complying with the Animal in Films Law & Animal Wellness Act. Further develop the concept of pet influencers.

Recent Work

In February 2020 we organized the first photo-session with our initial team of fierce talent. Click on the video link, and check all the fun, hustle, and magic that happened behind the lens!

Pet Ambassadors

Jay Batista
Adriana Luna
Amanda Antonella

Video Reels

Partido Satos Puertorriqueño

Lupita Jolie a la gobernación

La iniciativa de esta campaña nace del deseo y esperanza que los candidatos a la gobernación en la Isla, tomen con seriedad el tema del bienestar animal más allá de campañas publicitarias.

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